SigmaPi Design is a virtual company with one virtual “employee” and one real person.

My name is Siniša Petrić and Greek letters Sigma Pi stands for my initials. Currently I’m full time employee of FINA – Financial Agency Croatia and I work on digital imaging programs in my free time and mostly as a hobby (besides guitar, martial arts and kettlebell swinging).

Here is my CV:

I was born on March 6, 1959 Split, Croatia. I’ve graduated theoretical physics in 1983 (Zagreb University) on mathematical modeling of nuclear structures. I worked on UNIVAC machine using FORTRAN and PASCAL as languages for numerical computation. Here is a list of my jobs:

  • “Faculty of Electrical Engineering”, Split – Scientific assistant in Solar Energy Laboratory. Programs for solar energy simulation, simulations on nuclear power plants gas dispersion, theory of graphs, programming on IBM370 machine under MVS/TSO operating system.
  • “ZERC”, city computer center, systems programmer on IBM370 mainframe machines under VM/CMS and VSE operating systems. Programming mostly in Assembler/370, FORTRAN, PASCAL and REXX language.
  • “Pomorska Banka”, systems programmer, IBM370 machines, mostly assembler/370 and REXX programming, PC/DOS, Microsoft/C and CA/Clipper.
  • “ITEM” company, software servicing of mainframe computers, application programmer and data base designer on RISC/6000 machines running under IBM/AIX op.sys. with ORACLE relational base.
  • “M-SOFTWARE” company, ORACLE forms, UNIX/C, CodeBase and CA/Clipper, SCO/UNIX, OS/2 op.sys.
  • Current employment: FINA –  financial agency. Systems and application programmer, programming in CA/Clipper for PC/DOS using Netware SQL on Netware 4.11, Borland C++ Builder using DB/2 under Windows NT Server and IBM Z9 DB/2,  Java/J2EE on IBM Z9 mainframe using “IBM Rational Software Architecture” as a development tool and Borland/Embarcadero C++ Builder for some client/server apps.

Here is the partial list of programs I have written as author or coauthor:

  • CMS backup , assembler/370, REXX
  • VSAM editor , assembler/370
  • VM/DRAW , assembler/370, REXX
  • Multi VSAM engine , assembler/370, REXX
  • Full screen module for FORTRAN/VS, assembler 370
  • Integrated financial system for medium and big companies , ORACLE, ORACLE forms 4, Pro C, CodeBase
  • Payroll program , CA/Clipper, DBF
  • UNIX full screen editor , UNIX C
  • Financial transactions archive, CA/Clipper, Netware SQL
  • Debt collecting system, Borland C++ Builder, DB/2
  • Image processing programs, BCB (under development – always)
  • Some consulting on medical image processing projects, kinesiology software and license plate recognition systems.

Here is the list of programming languages, tools and DBs I’ve worked with:

  • assembler IBM/370, REXX, Fortran, Pascal, C/C++, Java, Reduce, Lisp, Lua, Python, HTML/CSS, Borland C++ Builder, Microsoft C++, IBM/Websphere, DB/2, Microsoft SQL, ORACLE, etc…

Some old articles (1989) written for “VM/Update” magazine:

  • www.xephon.com/archives/v019a08.txt
  • www.xephon.com/archives/v032a07.txt
  • www.xephon.com/archives/v043a09.txt

Married, one daughter…and…that’s it!