Although the word design is commonly associated with visual contents, music can be also treated as design, but in the area of audio contents. So, I’ve decided to put my musical works in this place, rather then creating another site or another subdomain.

As a child, I made my first musical steps with violin. After six years of playing violin in music school, I’ve started to play guitar, learning from various books and listening masters of classical guitar. After few years of playing classical guitar pieces, accidentally, I’ve heard another type of guitar music. It was a piece called Blake’s Breakdown, played by Blind Blake. I was really astonished. After that, the series of guitar players, such as Blind Lemon Jefferson, Big Bill Broonzy, Memphis Minnie, Mississippi John Hurt was a natural sequel. After that, a series of modern acoustic blues guitarists, a modern country guitarists (especially Jerry Reed), then back to classic and back to myself.

After circle was closed, I thought I learned a great deal of guitar playing (especially fingerstyle)…wrong. I need to walk that circle, over and over again to be able just to “scratch” enormous world of guitarĀ  with my “claws”.

So, in this section, you’ll find my compositions, arrangements and description of tunings I use, as well as links to wonderful amateur and professional acoustic/fingerstyle guitar players around the globe (mostly my email pals).

All musical scores are in Power Tab Editor ptb format and audio files are 160Kbps mp3s generated from MIDI files using TiMidity++ freeware midi to audio converter with real guitars sound fonts.