Art Edelstein

Art Edelstein, the master of Celtic guitar. Still kickin ‘n’ pickin, after all these years.

Paul Kucharski

Fine original music, open tunings, articles, tabs, fingerstyle forum and more. This site is fingerstyle web central: If Paul does not have it, you don’t need it!

Michel Dalle Ave

French guitarist and composer. Diverse styles with one common characteristics: Simply beautiful!!!

Tim Sparks

Guitarist and composer Tim Sparks. A must see place, with various on-line information on his music, audio and video clips.

El McMeen

El is the real master of CGDGAD tuning. Transriptions in PDF, live music.

Bob Baker

Bob Baker, the Guitar Man and his acoustic guitar site. Guitar tips, pictures, jokes, clips. If you need information on how to care and preserve your guitar, this place is central resource.

Syukhtun Editions

Intriguing site with works of Theo Radic. Beside his guitar music, you can find here his paintings, books and prints. Check out his work on Native American chants transcribed for guitar.

Glenn Weiser

Glenn Weiser is author of numerous books and articles on Celtic and Blues fingerstyle guitar music. Glenn also writes for Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

Jamey Andreas

Jamey Andreas is a classical guitarist based in New York, who has taught and played all styles of guitar for almost 40 years, her specialty being the Classical Guitar. She has developed teaching methods that are so effective and fundamental to all styles and levels of players: “The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar”. Click and get 10 things you can do right now to become a better guitar player.

Mary McCaslin

Nice site with descriptions on open tunings. Mary McCaslin site has also beautiful audio clips and many links!

Michael A. Owings

On-line acoustic guitar music. This site is hosting wonderful tunes. A must see place! Five stars! Enyoj!