Here, you’ll find reviews of Pixopedia 2014 from people that actually tried and worked  with this  program. What you’re not going to find here, are “false reviews”, i.e. links to sites that put “5-stars flying colors award” without even started the program.

So, if someone writes a review and states: “I have tried several times to  perform simple drawing action with tool X, using  parameters A, B, C and this peace of crapware crashed every single time. I have sent bug reports to the author without any results…”,  I’ll put the link to this review.

Also, in some reviews, you can find additional informations and hints.

So, here we go: very informative, honest and helpful review. extensive review..written in Polish, but can be easily translated to English with Google translator. Click on image at the begging of review and you’ll find a bunch of screenshots with very nice examples. This site also hosts Pixopedia download. short but concise review. These guys always try programs before they post them on their site. This site hosts Pixopedia downloads with three mirrors. always a fresh version with description of recent changes and with bunch of screenshots. extensive and helpful review. Also, hosts Pixopedia 2014 downloads on two mirror sites. another extensive review. I must admit, I didn’t know what the term “quirky” means, but I know it now. And I thought, I made pleasant GUI with nice icons, which are actually ugly, cryptic and odd. I’ll change them when I port Pixopedia to new development environment, but I’ll leave black and white cat as is…cryptic. a short review written in Italian. Site also hosts Pixopedia download. As Italy is in my neck of the world (just across the Adriatic see), I can imagine an Italian user when the bug occurs more then once: “Pixopedia? Ammazza che robba!”

FindMySoft: extensive review from people that actually tried the program (short video included). Informative site, with detailed software reviews and video clips! a big German IT portal with extensive and precise Pixopedia review with some advices and hints for beginners. Site also hosts Pixopedia downloads.