Oh yes, questions and answers…I’ll try to answer some questions:

Q: Does Pixopedia support layers?
A: Yes, it does. This is one of Pixopedia image modes. Currently (version 0.1.2.) two modes are supported: standard and layers (more to come). By default, when you open your image, standard mode is set by default. To change the view to layers mode, place your mouse over Paintbook tab (image name) and click right-mouse button. A pop-up menu will appear. Select “layers mode” and you’ll be able to work with layers.

Q: Does Pixopedia support graphics tablet controls?
A: Not at this moment. I’ve added partial support in Pixopedia 24, but not in Pixopedia 2014. Reason: I don’t have graphics tablet and partial support in old Pixopedia 24 version was created because I’ve borrowed one tablet for a few days. Will it be supported? If I buy a graphics tablet, then…yes.

Q: For what is used “Autobrush settings” pane?
A: Autobrush settings is used for special type of shape called automatic brushing (automatic strokes placement). Currently, automatic brushing shape is available only with “Spreader” action.