Pixopedia 2014 0.1.0

Version 0.1.0 is up. Reported bugs fixed (except one with Unicode directory names: please install Pixopedia in directory which name does not contain Unicode characters). Creating, modifying and saving user defined filters and palettes finally implemented.

Here are details on version 0.1.0 changes:

  • Reported bugs fixed.
  • Warp action: Quadrangle warping implemented – rectangle to quadrangle, quadrangle to rectangle and full house warping using perspective or bi-linear transformations
  • Convolve action: modify and save convolution kernel (user defined convolutions)
  • 3×3 Filters action: modify and save 3×3 filter kernel (user defined 3×3 filters)
  • Color Twisting action: modify and save color twist matrix (user defined color twisting)
  • Brush tool/color scheme/palette: possibility of modifying, creating and saving user defined color palettes.
  • Selection & Contour tool: possibility of contour inversion added (negative contour)
  • Few sample user defined filters distributed with this version:
    • 3×3 Filters: Light Booster, Radial Bevel.
    • Color Twisting: Luminance, Old Photography
    • Convolve: Emboss Wide, Litograph 7×7

NOTE: To modify/create and save your filter, double click on filter code to open filter update/insert dialog. To modify/create palette, go to brush tools/color scheme and double click on pallette bar to open palette dialog.

Palette is modified by dragging current color to one of 5 color markers. Every time one of marker’s color is changed or enabled/disabled, palette colors are calculated using linear interpolation.

Current color in palette dialog is rectangular area sitting just above those 5 color markers.