Pixopedia 2014 0.0.9

Version 0.0.9 available. Lot of changes in this version (see details) and one change in file hosting (mirror site): now, you can download Pixopedia 2014 from OpenDrive, without need to download a bunch of add-ons and installers.

Here are the news in current version:

  • Reported bugs corrected.
  • Image processing: Wallis filter
  • Image processing: Adjust gain offset
  • Image processing: Auto image enhancement I
  • Image processing: Auto image enhancement II
  • Image processing: Auto image enhancement III
  • Image processing: Auto sharpness
  • Image processing: Auto white balance
  • Image processing: Gray world white balance
  • Image processing: Add or remove alpha channel (image transparency)
  • Brushes: solid brush – shape selection added (circle, square, circle outlined, square outlined)
  • Spreader action: Stroke warper added – warps image under the brush tip according to modes selected: blob, blub, twirl, explode, implode.
  • A new action: Compound filters

NOTE: In image processing tool, when some processing option is applicable to an image selection, a note (s.e.) is written on the right side of tool’s name. S.e. stands for selection enabled. In such cases, you can apply processing option to complete image or to selected part (selections shape) of an image.

As written in news summary, I’ve changed the first download mirror site to OpenDrive service (www.opendrive.com). Very good, secure and extremely easy to use service, without hidden files, add-ons, and obscure installers. Just click and download Pixopedia 2014 from OpenDrive.