Pixopedia 2014 0.0.8

The new version is up: 0.0.8. All reported bug issues fixed and corrected. FInally, stroke faders implemeted. Again, lot of internal changes and one change in distribution package: by mistake, previous version was packed with two commercial 8bf filters, old ones, but still commercial. Those two filters were removed from distribution package.

Here are the news and changes in current version:

  • Image processing: Rotate and adjust image size
  • Image processing: Margins cut off
  • Image processing: Remove red eye
  • Brushes: Stroke faders (stroke slope) implemented (size and capacity)

NOTE: Inside “stroke faders” panel, you’ll notice a slider (manual increment) which specifies increment added to start (minimum) size/capacity value. Increment represents the percentage of current brush size/capacity that will be added (or subtracted) to start value. When polyline/polygon or some other shape (other then free hand shape) is invoked, increment is calculated automatically. However, if you check “manual increment” check box, incrementation is performed by specify amount. Free hand strokes always use manual increment value/percentage.