Pixopedia 2014 0.0.7

Version 0.0.7 uploaded. Again, lot of internal changes, coding, precoding, recoding :). Two new right-pane tools added: image processing and plugins, with 8bf filters support.

  • Reported bugs corrected (new ones probably created).
  • Image processing tool added on the right-pane. You can perform various image processing options…more to come.
  • Plugins tool added ont he right-pane: Pixopedia native plug-in support is not yet implemented, however, 3rd party filters (Adobe 8BF) are now supported. Filters that require alpha channel are not supported.
  • Change in distribution file: a new directory “8bfsamples” is distributed together with Pixopedia 2014. A bunch of interesting freeware 8bf filters.

NOTE:Many 8bf plug-ins need plugin.dll (Adobe copyright) and/or mscvrt10.dll to be present in Windows/System32 directory. As Adobe does not permit distribution of plugin.dll by other progs, you can obtain this file from some Adobe trial prog. that uses this dll, or you can download it from internet. Msvcrt10.dll can be freely downloaded from internet.

NOTE: 8bf filter support is not super-stable. Some filters will not execute properly, but most of them will (around 90% of commercial and freeware filters), so keep that in mind.