Pixopedia 2014 0.0.6

The new version 0.0.6 is up. Lot of internal changes. Reported bugs fixed. Some new warping modes implemented and one new tool added (selection/contour). Also, a new “subworking mode” added. Actually, it’s a new setting option: PaintBook mode. Now you can work with two side-by-side paintbooks.

  • Implemented warping modes: waves horizontal, waves vertical, disorder, explode, implode and move.
  • New settings option added: PaintBook modes. Beside single PaintBook mode (tabbed images) you can set double PaintBook mode. In this mode you can work with two side-by side images. Only one PaintBook is active at the time. You can swap active PaintBook by clicking on indicator at the PaintBook top-left corner.
  • New drawing mode added: Scaled. It’s similar to normal mode, but you can scale channels. It can be very useful when working with cloned image scheme.
  • New tool added: Selection & Contour. Button reside on the right pane. With this tool, you can define selection rules and image contour.
  • Apply through contour implemented. Clicking on this button applies selected action using previously defined image contour as mask.
  • Reordering of tabs inside PaintBook added. Also, you can detach tabbed image (undock) by pulling tab down. However, when docking tab page back to PaintBook, program sometimes throws an error. Ignore this error, just click “Don’t send” and program will continue to work normally. This problem resides inside 3rd party component I’m using. This error will be solved soon.
  • Erase mode in drawing action has been modified. Now, you can specify erase color. In previous versions, erase color was always set to white. You can choose between two options: custom color or image dominant color. Also, you can pick colors selected by mouse (color picker). Those two colors are visible at the bottom pane, near first brush. Simply drag and drop selected color into erase match color combo box, or custom erase color combo box.

NOTE: When double PaintBook mode is invoked, nonactive PaintBook images (tabs) have limited manipulation possibilities. Currently, you can only pan nonactive images and select image for clonning (by pressing ‘c’ on your keyboard).