SigmaPi Design Drawing Engine

Pixopedia is going through significant changes. The time has come to replace an old Intel’s IPL library with new IPP library and to replace old drawing engine with new one, so that Pixopedia X64 can be released. As I did not find any drawing engine that will suite my needs I’ve written a new one from the scratch and call it spEngine.

So, an off-spring of the new drawing engine came out. It’s packed as simple dll and is intended for Embarcadero C++/Delphi developers. Short description with demo program screen is given in “Other software” page and library can be downloaded from “Downloads” page. I even wrote a manual for this engine. It’s still incomplete, but you’ll get the picture of engine’s possibility.

After some testing, drawing engine will be incorporated in new Pixopedia version that will be available within month or two (both 32-bit and 64-bit).

Until then, you can buy me a beer (button on the home page is finally working).