Pixopedia 2014 0.0.5

Pixopedia 2014 version 0.0.5 available. Reported bugs fixed. Image warping action added. Behaviour of special shapes after apply command is invoked has changed a bit.

  • Image warping action added: big change from old Pixopedia versions. Some warping modes (smear, blob, blub, balloon and double balloon) can be applied with two different “shapes” (right-mouse click to select):
    • Immediate warp (free hand): warping is immediately visible while mouse is moved. Note however, that this option can be slow if you rapidly move your mouse over image.
    • Delayed warp: warping range is selected by appropriate shape (marker) and after mouse button is release, warping is applied. This option is faster then precious one.
  • Special shapes now behave a little different then in previous Pixopedia 2014 versions: shape is visible after apply is performed. You can modify or move your shape (Shift + mouse move) and apply drawing again. Shape is cleared when action is changed or when you request “clear shape” from pop-up menu (right-click). This feature comes handy when drawing ornaments with special shapes.

Note: image warping is not fully implemented, but you can obtain quite an interesting effects using current warping modes in combination with “immediate warp” shape/option. Use this option with caution, i.e. perform slow mouse movements and you’ll see what happens. Immediate warping option will be optimized and speeded up in next versions.