Pixopedia 2014 0.0.4

Version 0.0.4 uploaded. Two new actions added. Some actions from older versions are still not fully implemented.  Full implementation of actions will be done after missing actions are implemented with core functionality.

  • Reported (and not reported) bugs corrected.
  • Convolve action added: now you can apply convolution with arbitrary size kernel (matrix). Currently only predefined kernels are available. User defined kernels will be available soon.
  • Image Nozzle action added: similar to PSP tubes, but uses transparent png images with data written in PNG_TextKeys block inside image.
  • Applying IPL filters on full image optimized and speeded up.
  • Wrap free hand option removed from Draw action. It complicates the things (internally). If needed, I can add free hand wrapping in some plug-in.
  • Big internal modifications done: this will come very handy in new versions.
  • A bunch of blending modes added to “Layers image mode”. Every layer can be individually blended with background image with selected blending mode.

Note: User creation of “image nozzles” is currently not implemented. Probably, it will be implemented as some kind of plug-in. However, you can download a ton of PSP tubes from internet and convert it to PNG files with this free application: tube-ex.zip. Unpack it, install it and convert tubes to png. Do not extract in separate png files, just uncheck this option and you’ll get one png from one tube. Copy extracted pngs to some directory and open directory under Pixopedia “Image nozzle” action. Pixopedia will report that image does not contain nozzle data. Simply click on “Change/create nozzle data” button, enter nozzle description, number of horizontal and vertical cells and save changes. That’s it.