Pixopedia 2014 0.0.3

New Pixopedia 2014 version uploaded. Reported bugs fixed. New action added (spreader) and one new brush (stamp). Big change in drawing/pixels shifting blending modes. New painting schemes added.

  • Fixed bug with brush set  loading .
  • Fixed bug with wrong pixel shifting operation.
  • Some minor bugs fixed.
  • New action added: Spreader. I have decide not to implement retouch tools (Pixopedia 24), as all tools are available under other actions, except spread and smudge tools. So, there is a new action called spreader which currently contains three modes: spread, smudge I and smudge II. Automatic brushing not yet implemented.
  • New brush added: stamp brush. Actually, loads predefined gray-scale brushes from selected directory (png images) and uses them as brush mask. Sample stamp collection distributed with this version. Loaded brush stamp is scaled according to brush size. Stamp brush loading works in the same manner as texture loading.
  • New painting schemes added: image mouse down color and image step color.
  • Painting schemes: Clone image aligned, clone image repositioned and clone image fixed, fully implemented. To pick cloning image, select desired image loaded in Pixopedia, position your mouse at desired image coordinates and press c key on your keyboard.
  • Drawing/pixels shifting blending modes changed. Some modes are renamed, some discarded and some new modes added.
  • New shortcut: to manually show/hide sticky forms, move your mouse over loaded/created image and press f key on your keyboard.If forms are visible, pressing ‘f’ will hide them. Pressing ‘f’ again will bring sticky forms back.
  • Maybe some other stuff added, but I forgot it.

Note: stamp brushes may be created from Photoshop abr brushes using freeware program: abrViewer which will convert brushes from abr to png. Sample stamp brush collection distributed with Pixopedia 2014 was created in the same way. Brushes were selected from two beautiful abr collections designed by deviantart users: Sakimichan and Vincent Montreuil.