Pixopedia 2014 version 0.6.0

A brand new version is up!

  • Big internal redesign.
  • New tool form added – Layers. Layers mode removed from image modes. All image modes (currently standard and master/slave mode) have full layers support.
  • Button Move & rotate layers removed. Button Move & resize layers renamed to Manipulate layers. When this button is clicked, a new pop-up menu is available. Right click on image area to see available options (more to come).
  • Two new actions added to master/slave mode: import image as new layer and copy master layer to new slave layer.
  • Possibility of using slave image for clone brush: press “C” on your keyboard while mouse cursor is on slave image. Select one of the cloning schemes and perform drawing on master image.
  • Every layer can have it’s own assistant image (mask, contour, sidekick and stencil).
  • A new internal 3×3 filter added: Nylon raster. Apply it few times to see the result.
  • A new 3×3 filter mode added: binlogic(binary logic convolution). One internal and one external filter added as examples (Psychedelic nxor and Dark poster). This filter convolves image with binary logic kernel, i.e. pixels are not multiplied by appropriate kernel elements as with ordinary convolution. Instead, on each pixel is applied binary logic operation with byte value from kernel element. After operation on each pixel is finished, values are summed as in ordinary convolution. Each kernel element consist of optional sign (only “-” sign is acceptable), binary logic operation and byte value: [-]{Op}{Value}. Here is the list of valid binary logic operators:
    • A – AND
    • R – OR
    • X – XOR
    • !A – NAND
    • !R – NOR
    • !X – NXOR

    Note: parser is case insensitive, so you may use lowercase and uppercase characters interchangeably.
    Example of valid kernel values: Aff, !a0e, -xE0, -!Rf0.

  • In this version some image processing actions are restricted only to background image. Actions restricted to background image are marked with (b.i.). In previous versions those actions produce quite a mess when applied on layers.
  • A bug in warping action: some warping modes do not perform correctly when applied on transparent images with antialias option checked. This bug dates from version 0.4.0. due to internal changes in drawing surface. Bug fixed.

Note: again, because of big internal (and external – layers) redesign, this version may not be super-stable. Please, inform me on any bugs and program crashes.