Pixopedia 2014 version 0.5.0

A new major release is up, version 0.5.0.

  • Internal changes (rendering engine).
  • Two new lattice types/modes added tor CML brush:
    • Semicoupled simple
    • Semicoupled NzN
  • Possibility of applying Ad hoc adaptive 3×3 convolution (Ahac) using mask assistant image.
  • Macro recorder added: record, playback, load and save user’s actions sequence.
  • New shape added under standard shapes: Curved text. Render text following free hand drawn curve (polyline).
  • New image mode added: Master/slave mode. Besides standard and layers mode, a new special layers mode is available. Lot of options and very interesting features are available in this mode.
  • “Slice and dice and many more…” action removed as obsolete (because of master/slave mode) and replaced by Marker action.
  • Four new options in selection tool:
    • Paste into: pasts image from clipboard into given selection. Clipboard image is resized to fit selection bounding rectangle.
    • Save selection to memory: puts current selection onto stack.
    • Load selection from memory: restores last saved selection from stack.
    • Stroke around selection(s): converts selection(s) into polygon(s) and renders stroke following polygon(s) points.
  • Statistical correction mode in Colors action modified: User must press “collect data” button before applying statistical color correction. This resolves problem of immediate statistics calculation when switching between images (which produces performance degradation when big images are involved). Besides that, user has an option to collect data from complete image or from given selection(s).

NOTE: Because of internal changes and new image mode (Master/slave), errors and program crashes are expected. Please, inform me on any bugs and crashes. Thanks.