Pixopedia 2014 version 0.4.1

A new minor release is up, version 0.4.1. All changes reflect new “CML brush”, added in previous major release:

  • Lattice type selection for CML brush (ommited by mistake in previous version) has been added:
    • Uncoupled
    • Coupled simple
    • Coupled NzN
  • Check box “Destruction On” removed as obsolete. To exclude destruction, simply set D prob. slider to zero.
  • User can select four functions separately for grow and destruction/decay by clicking on appropriate sky-blue colored rectangle:
    • L – linear intensity change
    • Q – quadratic change
    • Nb – “neighbor bullying”
    • Ni – inverse “neighbor bullying”
  • Weight parameter added (visible for coupled lattice types).

That’s it.