Pixopedia 2014 Launched

Here is the first Pixopedia 2014 release. Version 0.0.1 is up. Still in Alpha (development) phase and quite “bareboned”. Not all actions and features from previous versions implemented, but it’s time to go on.

What’s in it?


  • Draw
  • Colors
  • Pixels shifting
  • IPL Filters
  • Simple 3×3 Filters
  • Ornaments (not fully implemented)

Tools inventory:

  • Brush
  • Text

What’s missing?

Well, a lot of features from previous versions are missing, but will be implemented ASAP.

There is no settings saving, brush loading/saving, user filters, lua scripts, etc.. However, you can play with various new Pixopedia possibilities (multiple brushes) and see the idea behind this new release.