Pixopedia 2014 version 0.3.0

A new major relaese is up, version 0.3.0. Lot of changes and lot of new features:

  • Image processing: where possible (for fast processes), preview button is added. Image is divided in half (except for flips and mirrors). Left portion of image is original and right one with effects applied.
  • For all actions, applicable to complete image (draw, shift, colors, filters, etc…), a possibility of action preview (half image) is added through keyboard shortcut P. Press letter P on your keyboard and hold it down until result is displayed in the right portion of the image. When key is released, image returns to previous state. Note: do not use this feature on Simple 3×3 filters in conjunction with big images. Simple 3×3 filters are not optimized…yet.
  • Colors action: a new mode Color curves added. Accepts Photoshop acv curves of type 4. Curves can be modified and saved under different name. Many thanks to Roy M. Klever for the code: www.rmklever.com. Curves are stored in curves directory.
  • Warp action (image warping): New mode “Mesh warp” added, with three options: Rect-Quad, Quad-Rect and famous Wolberg-Smythe algorithm (2-pass mesh morph).
  • Warp action (image warping): for some warping modes (disorder, motion. explode, implode, waves), a possibility to work only inside given selection, added. All modes for which this option is implemented are marked with s.e. (selection enabled).
  • Selections: added possibility to save/load selection from/to file. Accessible through pop-up menu. Selections are stored in user_data directory.
  • Image processing: convert to BW – maximum entropy algorithm added.
  • New tool added: Multi folding shadow caster (modal form is invoked). This option can perform full customizable perspective shadow casting of given selection. You can see examples on Pixopedia FB page.
  • Assistant objects – Contour: an option to create gray-scaled contour added. When check-box beside the threshold slider is unchecked, resultant contour is gray-scaled image (8-bit), otherwise it’s monochromatic (default).
  • Assistant objects – Contour: Ad hoc 3×3 adaptive convolution(Ahac) option added. Tool uses current contour pixels as kernel elements for adaptive convolution. Various parameters are used to control final output. Convolution can be applied to source image or to assistant image (contour).
  • Autobrush settings: new option added – skip when seeding point is outside selection. When autobrush is performed on selected part of image, if seeding point is outside selection, complete stroke calculation is skipped. This option drastically speeds up rendering of selected image part.
  • New tool added: Analyze me gently. This is a second tool from a new tools group (modal forms). This tool performs various image analyze tasks: collects statistical data, performs histogram calculations (image histogram, histogram XY, profile XY, region/selection histogram) and aperture viewing. More analyzing tools to come in subsequent versions.

That’s all.