Pixopedia 2014 version 0.2.6

A new version is up. First a list of reported and fixed bugs:

  • Sample palettes are not loaded correctly. Wrong (old) format palettes were packed with distribution. Bug fixed
  • Option/command “Merge all layers into single image” in “Layers mode” throws an error. Bug fixed.
  • Memory leak in autobrush shape. Bug fixed.
  • Right click on active tab (image) sometimes does not invoke pop-up menu, especially when tabs are reordered after undocking/docking. Bug fixed.
  • When image name is changed (save as…), new image name is not updated in tab caption. Bug fixed.
  • Enlarge canva: canvas is not properly enlarged in preview. Bug fixed.
  • When brush is changed by keystroke, brush parameters in Brush panel are not updated. Bug fixed.
  • After Quadrangle warping is performed and undo is invoked, quadrangle/rectangle object is reset to initial state. Bug fixed.
  • When loading image/page from multipage files (gif, tiff), no matter what pages is selected, first image/page is always loaded. Bug fixed.
  • Loading image/frame from media files (Avi, Mpeg, Wmv) does not work. Bug fixed.

And now, changes and new features:

  • New assistant object added: sidekick image.
  • Spreader action: color options (similar to draw action) added to spread mode.
  • New mode added in Spreader action: Multicolor spread. Possibility of blending picked/spread color with brush primary color and random neighbor color with various options.
  • New brush color modes added: Sidekick aligned, step palette forward, gradient primary/secondary cicular, gradient primary/secondary forward-backward, gradient primary/secondary forward.
  • New brush parameters added in color scheme tab: palette/gradient stepper value, automatic stepper value on delayed shapes.
  • New parameter for solid brush: thickness value for empty circle/square shapes. This parameter controls shape pen width.
  • New option in selections pop-up menu: Drop shadow PLUS and Drop shadow OVER. Casts shadow under selection, according to parameters specified in Selection rules & shadow tool panel. Note: Specified shadow type (Off, On-Plus, On_over), normally used for brushes, is overridden according to selected option from pop-up menu.
  • Quadrangle warping: 4 new grips added to quadrangle object (central grips). These grips are used for synchronized moving of adjacent corners.
  • New and improved “Best fit radial sweep stroke placement” algorithm implemented, both for single stroke and multi-step stroke placement (autobrush). Old algorithm is left as an option, for testing reasons.

That’s it!