Pixopedia 2014 version 0.2.5

Ok, here we go. New version is up. Here are news and changes:

  • Fixed bug with transparent images.
  • Filter button added to Assistant objects (images) tool: When mask/contour is created user can apply some commonly used filters on current object (mask/contour).
  • New image precessing item – Resize/stretch inside. Zoom selection on image inside pop-up window to resize/stretch desired detail without resizing actual image size.
  • Contour clipping implemented: when contour is created, enabling this option performs contour clipping, i.e. when stroke encounters contour pixel, drawing is stopped until mouse button is released. Two additional parameters “contour clipping threshold” and “contour scanning radius” are used to control entire process. First one defines intensity threshold value (when contour clipping occurs) and second one specifies circle radius around current pixel in which contour is inspected.
  • New “Dislocator” plugin (v1.0) available and it can be downloaded as a separate zip file. Plugin uses kernel remaoping, local gradient warping and grid slicing to achieve various effects.

To install “Dislocator v1.0” go to download page, download zip file, unpack it to some temporary directory and copy file Dislocator.ppi to pixplugins directory (under root directory of Pixopedia 2014 installation). Restart Pixopedia and…that’s it.