Pixopedia 2014 version 0.2.4

New version is up. Here are the news:

  • Reported bugs fixed…well, most of them.
  • Slice & dice: Selection to marker option added. Creates marker from selection. Previous marker is cleared and replaced with selection mask.
  • Plugins tool: Pixopedia plugins support implemented (PPI). All plugins need to be rewritten to accommodate new PPI engine. Plugins can be downloaded separately and must be installed in pixplugins directoy.
  • New “Image Infector” plugin (v2.0) available and it can be downloaded as a separate zip file. New features in this plugin (v2.0): every automaton has it’s own growth semaphore; automaton cell color can be set to a single color value; new tab/option “post processing” has been added. Also, plugin has completely new GUI.
  • Brush/Jittering rules: disconnected drawing implemented.
  • Unnecessary skins removed from project which resulted in 6MB less exec size…nice.

To install “Image Infector v2.0” go to download page, download zip file, unpack it to some temporary directory and copy file ImageInfector.ppi to pixplugins directory (under root directory of Pixopedia 2014 installation). Restart Pixopedia and…that’s it.

You can find some examples of “Image Infector v2.0” on Pixopedia Facebook page.

NOTE: There is also “Image Infector v1.3” available for download, but it will work only with Pixopedia 24, not with Pixopedia 2014. You must download “Image Infector v2.0” plugin from Pixopedia 2014 download section. Please, keep that in mind. Thank you.