Pixopedia 2014 version 0.2.3

New version is up. This version is built with full debug option, which means that distribution file is little “heavier” then previous one. All subsequent versions in alpha stage will be also built with full debug option for better bug tracing. There is also additional 3rd part dll in this package: ImageMagick.dll. Initially ImageMagick.dll is not enabled (loaded), but you can enable this plugin in settings option. After Pixopedia is restarted, ImageMagick.dll will be loaded.

This plugin enables some additional and exotic file formats. Note: loaded SVG files will be converted to raster image. Pixopedia is not vector drawing program, so please, keep that in mind.

Ok, here is the list of news and changes (not too much, but still something):

  • Most reported bugs corrected.
  • Version built with full debug option for better bug tracing.
  • Brush/Advanced/Bumping: soft bumping option added.
  • Settings: enable ImageMagick plugin option added. Initially, this option is disabled. Enabling this option, Pixopedia will be able to read SVG files (they will be converted to raster image) and bunch of various exotic image formats. Note: after enabling (or disabling) this option, Pixopedia must be restarted for the changes to take effect.
  • Assistant images/Mask: Blend only option added. By checking this option, brush bumping will not occur on current mask but will occur on background tile (if any).
  • Lua script “Voronoi diagram in regular grid” enhanced (new features implemented).
  • Help: link to Pixopedia YouTube channel added.
  • Help: anchor Check for updates added. Checks for a new version.