A little Bit of News

Site has been compromised and down for a few days. The new Pixopedia version is ready, but…

Oh well,

Site has been down for a couple of days, because it was compromised (hacked). Site was cleaned and rebuild, security issues solved (probably) but hackers are still there.

Regarding Pixopedia 2014, new version (0.2.0) is ready, but I’m waiting for 3rd party component new version, as this version has a little bug that makes shaped text drawing useless. Bug is corrected and now I’m waiting for new version. It’s not my fault (this time).

In the meantime, while I’m waiting,  I have added a bunch of new features (and adding them constantly). Here is  a partial list:

  • New action: Slice & dice & many more. I ran out of names. In Pixopedia 24 2.0, name for this stuff was “Masquerade”. This option is a set of actions for manipulating marked part of image by cloning, moving, rotating, resizing. Also, here you can copy image/selection to clipboard, paste from clipboard, crop, clear and many moooooreeeee. This part is still in development phase…I’m working on it constantly because it’s raining and I can’t go fishing.
  • New ornaments added: binary and trinary trees. Semiautomatic tree drawing. Procedural trees to come. Tile drawing fully implemented.
  • New shape added: spline. Spline was available through special shapes only, but now, it’s available through standard shapes. Depending on settings (new tab in setting form), hand-drawn polyline is simplified and then spline is drawn through set of simplified points. Very cool for those with shaky hands.
  • New entry in Settings form: Polyline tab – polylines/polygons simplification parameters, spline options, etc…
  • New blending modes added: StereoBW, StereoColor, StereoColorDubois, StereoEven, StereOdd, Luninosity 2.
  • New image mode added: Master/slave…still in experimental phase. It’s used for…I’ll explain it in video.
  • Most important: complete program is ported to new platform and also, I’ve changed GUI a bit. Now it’s super-cool, OMG it’s awesome…and it can accommodate lower screen resolutions.

Gotta go.