Pixopedia 2014 0.1.3

Vesrion 0.1.3. available. A number of reported bugs fixed. New tool “Shadow & Mask” added to tool inventory and  some new modes in color action. Opacity slider added in layers mode. Video news on YouTube: Version 0.1.3. News

Here are the news in version 0.1.3:

  • Reported bugs fixed…well, most of them.
  • Fixed up HSV adjustment. Now it works as it should.
  • Fixed LMH adjustment (split toning).
  • Color action: a new mode added (Temperature). Adjust temperature of an image. Works best when brush current capacity is set to app. 50%. This color manipulation mode preserves luminance/luminosity.
  • Color action: a new mode added (Toning). There are two options available: single color toning or current brush palette (with or without luminance preservation).
  • Layers mode: opacity (transparency) slider added. Now, beside layer blending modes, you can adjust transparency value for each layer.
  • Waring (dialog) added on closing image and on program exit.
  • New tool in tools inventory added: Shadow & Mask.

Note: regarding new tool (Shadow & Mask), and new features added, I’ll post a short video where I’ll try to describe how the things work. Stay tuned and visit pixopedia channel on YouTube.

Note: I’m not very pleased with current LMH (split toning) adjustment as it may create color bands (posterization effect). In one of the next version I’ll implement smoother transition between low, medium and high luminosity areas.