Pixopedia 2014 0.1.2

New version is up: 0.1.2. Lot of new features in this version. Read news details for more information.

Here are the news in version 0.1.2.

  • Reported bugs fixed (reported until 14.03.2014.)
  • Polyline/polygon reshape (resize): While drawing polyline/polygon marker, when Ctrl key is pressed, polyline/polygon can be reshaped (resized)
  • Palette: load palette from image. Palette is reduced to 256 colors.
  • Image processing: method “Replace image palette with current palette” added.
  • Painting scheme: “Sine colore” (no color) item added. It does not use any color at all, but if set so, performs brush bumping.
  • Image processing: Histogram processing mode added. Currently available histogram options:
    • Equalize luminance
    • Equalize channels
    • Autostretch
    • Low+
    • High+
    • Logarithm
    • Low+ High-
    • Low- High+
    • Group colors
  • Lua scripting implemented. Lua scripts are available under Plug ins tool.

Note: Lua scripting engine is not threaded, so use slow Lua scripts on large images with precaution. Lua scripting engine will be modified in one of the new versions to support threading (so that user can pause or stop scripting).

Lua scripts reside in scripts directory. When selected script is loaded in memo field, you can modify any parameters, change script as you like, replace it with your own script, etc… To create a new script from your modification, copy content from memo field to Notepad (or some other text editor) and save content with .lua file extension in scripts directory. Next time you start Pixopedia, your script will be listed.

Description on how to write your own Lua script for use in Pixopedia will be added soon.