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The Withings scale, a scale with many iPhone features. The scale developed by physicians from Withings recorded weight, fat and muscle mass, and sends them over the wireless network automatically to the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, where they are analyzed graphically and available at any time. Even on PCs and Android smartphones casino can analyze the data of the Iphone comfortable balance. Sends the balance is not just data from the last use, the wireless connection is idle, saving power and the South African scale makes environmentally online casino friendly. After inserting the batteries supplied is the Withings scale already operational as a normal scale. Thus, the data also sent to the iPhone or smartphone, is an account on "Withings" are essential. This is set up with an e-mail address and password in a few minutes. Subsequently, the synchronization start of the data after a connection to the wireless home network by the tool PairingWizard already. For this purpose the device using the included cable is simply plugged into a PC or Mac and the wizard will South Africa guide you through all the steps. An elegant design with very thin glass and stainless steel makes the Withings scale in addition to an eye-catcher in every house.

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