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The associated user-friendly iPhone app for Apple devices is free in the AppStore and sends your data to any third party, of course. The iPhone app acts as a kind of graphical cockpit, which illustrates clearly the development of your fitness. The technological revolution is also convincing in Australian this area with easy handling and high reliability. In addition, the Withings high-tech tool suitable for the whole family and recognizes the various user automatically. This makes it possible for the health of your children at all times on your iPhone or iPad to watch. Up to 8 people are supported. The visual weight of history suggests online casino a continuation of a diet or fitness program and encourages Australian you to hang your head does not leave. But the iPhone Scale measures more casino than weight - the relationship between muscle and fat mass is calculated automatically and shows you the true results of your efforts. Thanks to a worldwide availability of the data can request your own fitness trainer and nutrition assistants track the progress of your efforts. You can also print out the Withings scale, BMI, size, growth and weight curves without much effort and then pass the health card format your doctor.